We are passionate about growing our group of companies to become the leading supplier of custom manufactured products in the country. We will achieve this by giving our clients great service at competitive prices. In order to give great service we treat our staff with respect and encourage a productive yet friendly atmosphere.

A.G. Wellens came from a leather goods family who were in business since 1884. This dutchman decided to start a leather goods factory in Cape Town in 1954. In 1960 he decided to alter the manufacturing process from leather to soft PVC and in particular high frequency welding, silkscreening and gold blocking. Since then many additional operations came into existence.

In 1970 we built a factory for our special purpose. The ground that was purchased, had been a big river bed and when we started to bulldoze, many snakes were caught. At the same time the city council was going to build the new town hall on the foreshore, which was land made up of sand and shells that had been extracted from the ocean bed, which now lies beneath our factory´s floor which was dumped to level the ground.

Since then we have added many extensions to our premises to take care of our growing production needs. Today we are utilizing 8000 square meters.

A.G. Wellens

The office has modernised over the years, technology playing a large part in the current systems we have implemented. Our costs are calculated by a state of the art costing program to assure the customer of the correct price for each item.

We have a wonderful team who look forward to assisting you. We pride ourselves on quality and service. They are the cornerstones on which our company rests.

Directors: E. Wellens, A.M. Wellens & M.Y. Adhikarie

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Eco Footprint

“We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.”